Scala 2 Kontakt Microtuner

Hi!, you've reached a page for the Scala 2 Kontakt Microtuner. This Windows utility prepares and manages a group of microtonal Scala files for import into Native Instruments' Kontakt 2.2 through Kontakt 4 samplers. The utility uses Kontakt's scripting capability to real-time retune complex sample sets in a multi-instrument setting.

The Microtuner enables real-time scale or key change for an ensemble of Kontakt instruments by means of cc events or notes on designated channels. Scales can be modulated by their own intervals, by the intervals of another scale, or by pivoting at a note into a new scale. This scheme enables a 'windowed' approach to management of larger tuning structures or modulation sets in a midi environment. Two modes of modulation are supported: static modulation against intervals of a root scale, or dynamic modulation where a new root is taken on the current pitch.

A Note2cc VST is included with the Microtuner. This plugin enables designated midi channels to control either tuning or key changes in the Microtuner. Simply playing notes relative to designated centerpoints for these channels trigger these changes. The Microtuner gives real-time display of all modulation and scale changes.

Click one of the following links for a 'home key' modulation demo   S2K_ModulationDemo.mp3   wma. This clip is tuned from the Scala library eikosany.scl file (a 20 tone scale of small integer combinations derived from Pascal's Triangle) and sequenced on NI's Foerster grand piano and a demo violin .nki (both described below).

Click one of the following links for a modulation scale demo made with note triggered key changes   S2K_ModulationDemo3.mp3   wma. This clip is tuned with Easley Blackwood's 9 tone triadic scale and modulated by intervals from Lou Harrison's 16 tone superparticular scale.

The Microtuner passes tuning data to downstream scripts,and comes with two microtonal effect scripts. The Harmonic Crossfader responds to midi channel-level control data (mod wheel, breath, or pedal) to pan selected harmonic ratios across microtuned notes. A second effect script microtunes sustain and release resonance for NI's August Foerster grand piano. This 1.4 GB piano is included in Kontakt's library DVD. The script is a customized version of NI's 'factory' script.

To the left are links to screenshots and more detail, and a download link for the Microtuner and scripts. A registration key for the Scala 2 Kontakt Microtuner is $16. The Crossfader and Foerster scripts are free and unlocked, but need the Microtuner front-end. For a free demo version of the Scala 2 Kontakt Microtuner, click here.  The demo is limited to a few fixed scales and bundled into a 96K/24 bit, two-velocity level pizzicato violin .nki, which is yours without restriction.

Please email me at if you have any questions or custom requirements.  Thanks!!