Scala 2 SynthEdit Downloads and Registration

The Microtuner is offered as donationware, with proceeds going to the World Wildlife Fund. Your choices among any of the synths on this site are included with a donation. A developer's version of the Microtuner is $15. VST use registration plus any of the synths is $5.

Windows XP users may need to upgrade to the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86) prior to using the Microtuner. This is a 2.6 MB file available at Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86)

Here are links to demo versions of the microHarmonic, microGuitar and microFlute synths. Uzip and save the .dlls to your VST directory. On first use, the .dll will create a self-named directory. From the VST host, open the .dll rather than the new directory. The demo VSTs time out after a few minutes per session. The microVibes synth is provided as a full version, although it requires registration of its Microtuner. Some .wav samples are included with microVibes, so it installs as a package. Here is a link to its installer: microVibes Installer

Here are links to the SE version 1.0 microTuner module and the SE version 1.1 microtuner module (prefered version) . Download this if you want to work in SynthEdit to add microtuning to a project. Unzip and save the microTuner.sem to a folder in the modules directory of SynthEdit. Please be sure to read the License Agreement and Disclaimer.

To remove time limits from VSTs made with the Microtuner, please donate below via paypal or email a request to . Either way, I will return an email with your id and registration code in about a day. If you donate, I will also be giving you a link to download unlocked versions of your choice of synths.

All proceeds are donated to the World Wildlife Fund. World Wildlife Fund

Scala 2 SynthEdit Microtuner - VST Registration, $5.00 USD suggested donation, includes unlocked choices among the microHarmonic, microGuitar, microFlute, and microVibes VSTs.

Scala 2 SynthEdit Microtuner Module - Developer Registration, $15.00 USD